Instant Lawn

Kikuyu Grass – Pennisetum clandestinum (Instant Lawn/Turf)

Kikuyu Grass this is the most common Garden lawn in the North West Province and in South Africa, It is creeping perennial with stolons and rhizomes. It is a vigorous, light green grass with flattened culms and it roots from its lower nodes, Kikuyu has high wear ability and is able to recuperate well. It has thatching tendency and establishment vigour.

Our Instant Lawn is popular because it is affordable and drought-tolerant In addition it is useful as a pasture for live stock grazing and most domestic houses have this as lawn; our Kikuyu grows very fast and it has aggressive growth that repairs it’s self quickly and as a result has a traffic tolerance

Instant Lawn

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DMBE is a serviced based company that provides government agencies, Municipalities, communities, and land owners a cost effective and ecologically sound method of managing vegetation. Our services include:

  • Weed control using Industrial Machines
  • Invasive weed control
  • Roadside Vegetation
  • Right-of-way maintenance

  • Compost Production

    The project is converting waste streams such as garden waste, sewer dried sludge, waste timber, wood chips, and waste paper into compost in an environmentally friendly manner.

    The project is a combined effort from Dirang Mmogo Business Enterprise(DMBE), Anglo Gold Ashanti, and the Center of Environmental Management (CEM) from the University of North West.

    DMBE currently is targeting industrial greening contractors and mining houses that wants to rehabilitate tailings dams.

    Compost Production