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Instant Lawn

Kikuyu Grass – Pennisetum clandestinum (Instant Lawn/Turf)

Kikuyu Grass this is the most common Garden lawn in the North West Province and in South Africa, It is creeping perennial with stolons and rhizomes. It is a vigorous, light green grass with flattened culms and it roots from its lower nodes, Kikuyu has high wear ability and is able to recuperate well. It has thatching tendency and establishment vigour.

Our Instant Lawn is popular because it is affordable and drought-tolerant
In addition it is useful as a pasture for live stock grazing and most domestic houses have this as lawn; our Kikuyu grows very fast and it has aggressive growth that repairs it’s self quickly and as a result has a traffic tolerance

We create our Instant Lawn for aesthetic pleasure, as well as for sports or other outdoor recreational use. Our Instant lawn is useful as a playing surface both because it mitigate erosion and dust generated by intensive foot traffic and because it provide a cushion for players in sports such as rugby, soccer and etc.
When you are selecting the perfect lawn for a new home or to spruce up your existing lawn and make your Lawn look a little greener it’s a good idea to consider our instant Lawn over many of the other options that are available.

Our Instant Lawn is completely natural grass. We grow it on our farm, cut into rolls and then delivered to wherever the customer may need. Our Customers can have the lush lawn they want in a matter of hours depending on the size their gardens.

If you have kids, or you entertain outdoors regularly, our instant lawn is the ideal finishing touch for any back yard. As this lawn is so thick and hardy, kids will love running around on it, but it will still spring right back and look as luscious as always Our Kikuyu Grass is Top quality premium; weed free garden lawn, perfectly green year-round and easy to plant. We have built our reputation as the best quality Instant Lawn supplier in Klerksdorp

Customers can come directly to our instant lawn farm to purchase and collect the instant lawn themselves or they can call our sales People and place an order and we will deliver the instant lawn to the customers

We are situated in Klerksdorp, adjacent to the Klerksdorp Waste Water treatment Plant -Tirisano Road.
Lawn delivered and planted with no Terrain or ground Preparation needed:


Lawn delivered and planted with Terrain or ground Preparation needed:

When we have to Prepare Terrain or ground, before we can plant the Instant Lawn – the Price will depend on the work that has to be done.


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