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Cleanup Campaigns

Creating Positive Change for the Environment

DMBE has employed more than 460 young people in creating a green Environment in four communities (KOSH), making it one of the largest community based environmental conservation company in the Matlosana area.

We inspire and empower community groups, schools, businesses, and local governments to carry out community-based activities that address local environmental issues.

Issues can be addressed through a range of initiatives from clean ups and tree planting activities to recycling, water management and energy conservation projects.

By facilitating local action, DMBE brings about global environmental change.
DMBE is held in partnership with the local Municipalities. Since the first Clean Up in 2006, the environmental improvements achieved due to the efforts of DMBE have been astounding. Here are some of our stories to Combat Climate Change and litter.

  • Cleaning of cemeteries
  • Cleaning of illegal dumping sites
  • Cleaning of public roads, parks and
  • Litter picking
Climate change has brought about severe and possibly permanent alterations to our planets' geological, biological and ecological systems.

Call one of our consultant and see how you can help conserve the Environment and create employment for your community.


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