About Us

"We strive to be

the leaders in the

Horticulture Industry"

In spite of being surrounded by goldmines, unemployment remains to be a problem among people in the country. This is frustrating for young people who are full of life and who wants to make a contribution to society. In 2003 we, VINCENT MAZINYO and KELLY PHUKUILE decided to start Dirang Mmogo Business Enterprise in the Northwest Province and we have been operational since.

We strive to be the leaders in the Horticulture Industry.
To create a green sustainable environment.
  • To be the largest producer of Instant Lawn (kikuyu grass) and seedlings (flowers).
  • To continuously provide much needed employment to young people.
  • To develop more community parks, stadiums & botanical gardens in the province.
  • This youthful company has been involved in many environmental activities which include cleaning of illegal dumping sites, cemeteries and sweeping of roads all around the City of Matlosana and providing garden services to the community in pursue of educating them to live in a greener environment. DMBE also created employment to more than three hundred youths across Matlosana and they are involved in efforts to keep our city clean.

    Dirang Mmogo Business Enterprise is managed by two young Directors who are responsible for the strategic functional and the operational systems of the company.

    Management: Vincent Mazinyo
    Production: Kelly Phukuile

  • Angogold Ashanti
  • Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipality
  • City of Matlosana
  • Department of Labour
  • Department of Agriculture
  • SEDA (Small Enterprise and Development Agency)
  • SNSET (Stuart Nhlathi Science, Engineering & Technology Institute
  • Project Management
    Matlosana environmental project, 400 young people were employed from our Township (Jouberton, Kanana, Khuma and Tigane) to clean cemeteries, roads, illegal dumping sites and abandoned parks.
    Cleaning of City of Matlosana, Tigane, Orkney and Stilfontein CBD’s in times of civil strikes.

    Landscape Design and Irrigation Systems
    N12 beautification project
    Municipal pay-points in Matlosana

    Grass Cutting
    75km N12 – Wolmaranstad
    60km (from Potchefstroom to Viljoenskroon)

    Garden Maintenance Contracts
    Anglogold Ashanti
    Schools, clinics and private businesses
    Bosasa Youth Centre

    Production and selling of Instant Lawn (Kikuyu Grass)
    We produce and deliver instant lawn in areas across Northwest, Free State and Gauteng our Instant Lawn is popular and affordable with greater quality and so far the Company client base has increased enormously.

    Our activities are welcomed by the Municipality Management as well as the community as a whole because we help promote a healthy and clean environment.

    We also help create an employable community through offering training and skills development to the youth as per our mission statement, hence the need for more capacity.